Rincon, PR Lizard Map & Guide November 20 2014

We are excited to announce the publication of the new Rincón Lizard Map & Guide!  The Rincón Map & Guide is a beachproof and waterproof map and guide that clearly illustrates Rincón’s beaches, surf breaks, trails and roads.       

Our latest Purple Lizard Map includes detailed descriptions of the surf breaks and beaches, contour lines for both land topography and bathymetry, plus information about the community, environment and things to do in Rincón in Spanish and English. It’s a big, beautiful map at 2-foot by 3-foot, that is folded to 4x9 inches.  See what you’ve been missing on that tiny cell phone screen. The Rincón Lizard Map & Guide will help visitors and locals explore and discover all the best Rincón has to offer.