About Us

Who we are:

Purple Lizard Maps is an independent cartographic design firm dedicated to making beautiful maps of special places for people who love the outdoors. We have been publishing our unique brand of maps since 1997.

Purple Lizard Maps was founded by award winning cartographer, Michael Hermann.

Creating extraordinary maps for people who love to explore the outdoors is our passion, our mission and our reason for being.

How we do what we do:

We build our maps from scratch. Digital scratch, meaning we use government GIS data to create our own terrain models, contour lines, and then add a heaping pile of cartographic linework sourced from every piece of information we can find. Then we immerse ourselves in the landscape we are mapping. We add 1,000's of hours of real-world mapmaking and extremely careful design work to boil down the raw data and create a beautiful, functional and highly accurate Purple Lizard Map.

Our maps are made by visiting and exploring most of the places illustrated, and by talking to a lot of people who live in the communities we map.  That's why we can say we make real adventure maps for people who are serious about their recreation.  We take the time to get it right, so that your customers can enjoy not only the maps, but the adventures they find when they use them.

What we care about:

We care about the people, places and businesses in the communities we map.  We work with small, locally-owned businesses to distribute our maps and are committed to doing our part to help promote recreation and environmental protection in communities we map. 

We proudly partner with local environmental organizations and community groups as a member of 1% For The Planet.  

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