Lizard Beanie

Be safe in the forest during hunting seasons with this sweet knit cap from Purple Lizard!  A simple, one-size-fits-all beanie will keep your brain warm and toasty while telling others "Hey - I'm over here - don't shoot!"  It's a 100% acrylic knit hat: we call it a beanie, if you're Canadian you can call it a toque. Either way, it's soft and warm and cozy, almost like a cat, except it's pretty rare to find a bright orange cat that stays on your head while hiking.

Don't want super-orange visibility? No problem - try the Lizard Special Ops Black Beanie, it's the exact opposite of hi-vis orange and the perfect compliment to your invisibility cloak, assuming you're wandering about in the dark. They say Black is the new Orange... or something like that.

Somewhere in the middle of the Screaming Warning Orange to Black color spectrum is the 'normal' Lizard beanie in  Blue. Not exactly a wall-flower beanie but they don't scream "I'm over here" or "hey, did you see something move?". There is nothing wrong with normalcy, and some days a blue beanie is all you need.

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