Raystown Lizard Map

Raystown Lizard Map featuring Raystown Lake and the Allegrippis Trail System plus the Trough Creek section of Rothrock State Forest.

In addition to boasting one of the most action packed recreational lakes in the state, Raystown has one of the best mountain bike trail systems in North America.

The Raystown Lizard Map features the famed Allegrippis trail system, updated lake information, and visitor information making it the most comprehensive, easiest to read map ever made of this outstanding, action-packed region.

There is so much to do in the Raystown Lake region in beautiful Central PA, that your customers need a really big, detailed map to fully comprehend all their options. In addition to being home to the famed Allegrippis Trail System, one of the best machine-cut mountain bike trail systems anywhere, the area in and around Raystown Lake offers some of the best outdoor recreation in the region for hikers, boaters, vacationers and outdoor adventurers of all kinds. 


The map covers all of Raystown Lake from the town of Huntingdon to the town of Saxton on one side (scale is 1:45,000) and offers a detailed map of the Allegrippis Trail System and Trough Creek State Park on the other side (scale is 1:22,588). Within a few hours of Pittsburgh, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC, Raystown Lake offers a getaway for adventurers and families all year round. The Lizard Raystown Lake Guide offers a great option for your customers looking to get away from it all and enjoy!

Like all of our almost-indestructible Lizard Maps, it's waterproof and adventure proof, and it's a big one: 24 x 36 inches, so your customers can really see where they are heading! Or, if they don't really know where they are heading, they can buy the map, hit the woods and have some fun while they figure it all out.

The Raystown Lizard Map wholesales for $8.00 and retails for $15. There are no minimum orders and domestic shipping is free via USPS.  

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