Rincon, Puerto Rico Lizard Map & Guide

The Rincon Lizard Map and Guide will help your customers get the most of their time in Rincon. Whether it is their first or fifteenth Rincon visit, the Lizard Map will help visitors and locals alike find their way and explore new places as they discover all the best Rincon has to offer. 

How do we get to______ ?
What beach is best for_______? 
Where can we go to _______?
What's a good surf break for _____?

The Lizard Map and Guide is a great way to answer all these questions and more! In the high season and all season long. Bilingual.

The Rincon Map and Guide is a 2-foot by 3-foot detailed beachproof and waterproof map that clearly illustrates Rincon’s beaches, surf breaks, trails and roads and includes detailed descriptions of the surf breaks and beaches, detailed topography and bathymetry, and lots of useful information in both Spanish and English. This is the map your customers will want to have on hand for their Rincon adventures.

The guide on the back of the Rincon Lizard Map offers your customers detailed beach descriptions as well as surf break descriptions written by longtime Rincon surfer and local Melissa Taylor of Puntas Surf School  as well as lots of other useful information about Rincon's environment, culture and history, so your customers can better understand Rincon and enjoy all it has to offer.

Sure, your customers can find some beaches and beautiful places without a Lizard Map, (especially if you spend a lot of time explaining to them where to go and how to get there) and will definitely enjoy their time in Rincon (since we all know it is one of the best places on earth),  but if you want to help your customers enjoy all that Rincon has to offer, carry the Rincon Lizard Map and Guide for sale at your business. 

Like all of our almost-indestructible Lizard Maps, it's waterproof and adventure proof, and it's a big one: 24 x 36 inches, so your customers can really see where they are heading! Or, if they don't really know where they are heading, they can buy the map and have a great time while they figure it all out.

Maps wholesale for $7.50 and retail for $12. There are no minimum orders and domestic shipping is free via USPS.

***A year after Maria, Rincon is strong but a bit changed.  Some of the restaurants and shops on the Rincon Lizard Map have closed due to the hurricane, though many have been replaced by similar businesses providing the same services.   For up to date information about local businesses, you can direct your customers to check out the Tourism Association of Rincon website. 

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